Monday, February 22, 2010

Thinking 360?

How broad is your decision making paradigm? How much time are you willing to take to see all sides of a question? I believe most people are satisfied with the "sort of know, therefore I know enough" level of understanding for most questions posed. Good enough to get by with most days.....................

Life is complex! Nothing new about that statement, yet we deny the increased effort needed to responsibly address the things that keep piling up more and more complexity. We kind of fall victim to " if you can't dazzles em' with fact, baffle with $%@&!?*. Politicians have risen this to a fine art. If Michelangelo had our politicians talent, Mona Lisa would have been a BABE!

We have no excuse for not being knowledgeable about today's important national concerns. To demur to the wisdom of others, whether talk radio, network or cable news, newspapers, etc... seems to satisfy most folks. What amazes me is that these are (more often than not) abridged at the least or bought at the worst, opinions. Why doesn't this drive us to look further when things aren't working?

How is it possible that we take entertainers as the fount of all knowledge and experience? Whether you like Rush or Jon Stewart, you do know that they express what they do to entertain more than inform........... right?

When I want news I either get it from the Internet ( so I can instantly search to verify or enhance my understanding) or BBC America. Yup, I actually go to a foreign agency to learn what is going on here! Why? Because the Liberal or Conservative bias of CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC has become so pervasive and unabashed, that genuine information is lost in their twaddle. They exaggerate a position or outright deny one. I actually saw and heard a Newsman on CNN call the Republicans " The Bad Guys". On FOX, I have seen and heard a Newsman (and a lady on a different occasion) that was so self absorbed I'm not quite sure he realized he outright LIED about the subject he was talking about ( it wasn't O'Reilly).

If you haven't checked out BBC America, you honestly should. Not only do I admire their accuracy, but also how the world views us is quite interesting. If they would only stop talking about Cricket...

To think, we have to have the faith in ourselves to understand, not place that responsibility in others that say only what they get paid to proclaim as true. How can we see the answers to questions or solutions to problems unless we live up to embracing learning about our true condition.

Politicians live to affirm what will more easily elect them. Solutions are put off until one or the other political party can claim it as their victory alone. Problems are KNOWINGLY put off so one party can't use it against another in an election. We, as Americans, have to call a halt to Political non-performance.

I have gotten to the point where all I want is SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get started, let alone done. It will never happen unless we each embrace other's points of view, other's needs. We have to think wider than the horizon, we have to think.................360