Friday, August 27, 2010

Writing anything is worthy

I've written a novel... Yup! Thousands of words, with characters I truly love.

Next? I have to edit. Again and again, slicing my way through the overgrowth of words to the core of what is acceptable to an agent, editor or publisher. I bleed with every slice... Not really, but I should. Toiling with what can stay, versus what has to go, can break one's will or vision.

I started this writing journey with the idea that I would write my story just for me. To see if I could stay with the project long enough to finish... and I did.

Devin Briar is a (what I now know) lengthy tome. He's the point I talk about in the Yin and Yang post. The middle point, without which, nothing can be right. He's flawed, as a good character should be. His reliance on his friend (and her on him) an overriding theme in the novel.

Where I go to learn about writing and writers is a blog:

This an interesting site, filled with far less crazies than other sites for writers I've visited. It's a site that asked those that post to encourage, rather than discourage. No one pontificates, or belittles others for their work. Finding a beta reader in my genre (Commercial Fiction) is tough, but everyone pitches in.

Anyway, just thought I'd post an answer to "What the hell has he been doing? He hasn't posted in months????"