Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time flys like the wind...Fruit flies like bananas

Thinking one thing, then something else, till.... I have it! Maybe not, I'll think some more before I do....

Writing is a constant battle not to, when you really want to.... That's right, I'm talking about editing.

Editing has the advantage of being the means to an end. A novel is never finished until the Editor Gods say "You may now rest". Which is fine...
Editing is fun!

I saw this guy banging his head on a computer at Nathan Bransford"s site ( ). He used it to talk about query letters, but I believe it has inherent value when the word EDIT comes a' callin'. The world of writing is not simply writing a book, then it magically appears on a bookstore shelf. Finding an agent, who pleads for an Editor to work their magic on raw words to make a publisher want to invest their time and money in a book. Then they market, print, ship and wait for the sound of a cash register to Ka- Ching! The agents, in the mean time, are networking you book. Trying to get reviewers to read your book, while hypnotizing them with sparkling wit (or alcohol) into knowing the book they represent is the finest thing to come along since...( you can insert a choice here).

None of this happens without an author refining their work before it gets to an agent. Which means EDIT your work. It is ironic that the word edit is a four letter word. I have no doubt that one day people will be shouting "Get your EDITING car out of my way! or "What the EDIT?"

Just know that the people who say this are authors, both successful or unrequited, who have experienced the agony of Editing their work. Again and Again and Again....... You get the idea.