Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Momentum of Reason

     I don't normally write about political matters. The current energy of the Mid-Term elections has given me pause and hope.

     While the major political parties appear welded to their base ideals, to paraphrase Yoda: "There is another" trend building.


     At my last look-see, over ONE BILLION DOLLARS has been pledged or spent on these mid-term elections. While ground may be lost or gained by the two major parties, the center appears to have grown. Independent candidates are growing in number and popularity. Why?

    For a long time, I have believed that both major parties have good intentions, at their cores. What is happening now is a growing concern that each party is an "all or nothing" choice. A voter is backed into a choice of a party, not a candidate. We are voting on, not leadership, but party ideology... All or Nothing.

   The growth of the middle would seem to point out this "all or nothing" choice is not sitting well with America. People are seeing that REASON can't be limited. They aren't being bought as thoroughly as Party advertisers think they are, far from it. Tea Parties and "Yes We Cans" are going to be remembered for a lack of latitude. Anger in rhetoric is held by the far right and left, while the middle just shakes it's collective head, hoping that one day something will finally get done. The hitch here is that the middle may be ending their silence.

   Here is a prediction for the coming Presidential Election season: A third party candidate will place second. It won't be a person from the far right or left. It will be a centrist.

  I personally think that both our major parties have it about half right... Each. I long for the day when our country will embrace whoever is in office, giving them support, not venom in the hope of effecting the next election. We are in a constant state of campaigning. Nothing gets done. What does get proposed is so hacked up by the time it becomes a law, that we will never see progress or success. I look for a candidate who has an idea, if passed into law, stays mailable to change, to make it work and if it doesn't, be man or woman enough to admit it and move on to another way.

   My views?

   Health Reform --- Great idea, some super components. Won't work unless we get behind it. I see areas where it could have been better and maybe it won't work the way it was dreamed. If it doesn't, change it, don't scrap it.

   Taxes --- We hate 'em, but don't deny that they are necessary. Cutting taxes when we owe this much money is absurd. The rich are going to pay more than the poor --- get over it. Your still rich.

   Welfare --- When people need a hand, truly need, we as a nation should stand as one to help. That there is anyone starving in this country should be our greatest shame. BUT.... People living on welfare as a life style must change. I have no problem with working - welfare recipients. You want population control? Cut the child credit to exclude additional kids after filing. In New Mexico, welfare recipients boast about how much money they can get for additional kids.

  Immigration: I have ZERO problem with anyone that wants to come here, just pay your taxes and stop sending money home.

  Social Security: The funds left can't be trusted to the open market. See DJIA and NASDAQ composite for definition of unreliability. We should allow our government to invest in companies, for profit, when they are given contracts with public funds.

   Based on these observations, who would I vote for? FYI- these sentiments are extremely common among moderates.

   Politics has raised itself to a new high point of absurdity. Vote for the person, not the boxed-platform candidate. Look around you and find great potential leaders for our country. Then all you have to do is keep them away from lobbyists... Easy, Right? (insert slapping of forehead here)