Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something about this season

  For the last few days, I've posted a few things that speak to politics.... Gulp!

  Momentum of Reason, Ying and Yang, even posting Rudyard Kipling's poem, "If", all were my very small way of voicing, maybe inspiring (forgive my arrogance) a second thought on problems of today.

  My blog doesn't reach as many as some. Heck, my best visit numbers would be considered a bad day for Janet Reid, Nathan Bransford or Rachelle Gardner. I've been told that politics on an author's blog is not the best thing. I agree.

  The Novel Road will be going back to business as usual. To those that were ticked by my participation in political expression, know that you only have to put up with it for one week, every two years... Deal with it.

  I know I risk one of the things I most despise, being labeled. Agreement with anyone's views is a choice, just as expressing my views is mine. I am here in this world, like everyone else, to learn and be a better part of tomorrow. I don't doubt that my views may change as I learn and live more. It saddens me that there are those, so convinced they are all-knowing, that the cries of others don't exist.

  The thing about me is, I don't scoff or belittle. I call no name, other than those parentally given. I believe and cherish the views of all. Brought in spirit to fair debate, there is no greater moment in the life of an American or anyone else in this world.

  This time, this place, is not calling on us to voice what has been, for that light has gone. The days to come are ours to light. Will we, or will we take light for granted? Is the dull, pixeled hue and venom of an analyst or network going to be the base on which we grow? Can we step back, to awaken from the information gleaned easily, to realize it has been without merit?

  The path of least resistance is for the physical, not mental world. We have to challenge the status quo, because our world is not static. We have chosen to unleash information in boundless streams. Standing on the river bank as knowledge flows by, will only allow our feet to sink in the mud of "Whatever".

  Care, we must... Trust we may... But learn, we will, or failure is ours.