Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week after Week #3

  • If President Obama, Cheney, Palin and former Presidents Bush are related, is it fair to say Justin Bieber is related to Hobbits... Stupid question, he IS a Hobbit.
  • When I think about changes in publishing, I'm reminded of Markov. "The property of the next state, depends only on the current state..." 
  • Why aren't editors called Tautologists...? The act of editing a Tautoectomy...? 
  • Liesl of dares me to bad... I accept the challenge!!!!
  • Master Editor Alan Rinzler ( ) talks about the "I" narrative. Leave it to Alan to explain that there are two I-s... I wear glasses, so a four I-d narrative would be hard to follow?
  • This is a page from a wordless novel by Lynd Ward. Each page carved in wood... And we complain about editing?