Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week after Week October 2010 #2

  • E-Publishing has a new hurdle: navitasnavisphobia (fear of energy cells, batteries...)
  • Can't wait to see the star of the Home Intruder ( see it on Youtube, make sure you see the TV news interview first) and now available for download through I-Tunes) song performed live at the Grammys... All those jokes about Coldplay's talent aren't sounding all that funny now, are they? Ok, the jokes are still funny...In an online interview with CBS News, the neighborhood crooner said he has AGENTS calling him...

  • Query Shark is now fielding general questions... I can hardly wait for tax season! Let's see the IRS argue with a Shark that gives accounting advice
  • Snoo... No! Who cares if she has a book deal. Not only will she not write it, she won't read it either ( Please God, don't let it be a picture book or YA)
  • Disturbing trend building in boutique publisher financials
  • Have a look at Patrick Neylan's post "Pulping fiction: Franzen's London Nightmare", in the guest blogging contest in  forums at