Monday, October 4, 2010

Week after Week

  • Trends in social networking is a oxymoron
  • Any book about the planet Uranus that mentions Bifidus Regularis as one of it's moons may have been researched exclusively in Wikipedia.
  • Rachel Gardner's rendition of "The Call"  creates a "stare at the phone" catatonic condition after authors send their queries.
  • Sarah gives reasons to envy her life and times Scuba diving for a living in the South Pacific... How does she muddle through?
  • Just really like how this lady writes: Read her take on the two sentence pitch to librarians... Shhhh!
  • The Stochastic process is gaining popularity as the base reasoning behind partial requests and responses.
  • If you are not a do-er or be-er, you're a WAS... (The slogan of the Passive Sentence cult)
  • When speaking to a author friend about her genre, she said it would never die... Yes, she writes about Vampires and no she doesn't like Stake.
  • Is Stephen King's new book about vampires the biggest gamble in his career? ( I put $10 on Meyer giving the book a RAVE review...Oops!)