Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yin and Yang

Balance between light and dark, enough and not, right and left, up and down....

I've found, lately anyway, that Yin and Yang are denying the existence of each other. Life with just Yin? Or is Yang the way to go?

Know the real meaning of "Yin Yang" ? It's not about opposites, like good and evil, so much as the relationship between them. The interaction point between them is a balance point. Shift to far one way or the other, life sort of wobbles out of control.

America has interaction points and it doesn't take much thought to identify them. Personal- wobble! Business -wobble,wobble! Politics- wobble, wobble to teeth shattering, loss of control!! Anyone who doesn't feel it after seeing the news has lost their soul.

The source of the imbalance? Blame it on.... If that was your first thought, you have secured your status as THE SOURCE. Blame solves nothing, but does encourage : WOBBLE!

What a great word, wobble. Child like visuals are conjured, literally. For me, I flashed on a child's first steps on their own. Hands in the air, a look of happiness and minor terror flashing on their face....

Our current wobble is, unfortunately, more like how it feels in an earthquake. Ever seen someone in an earthquake? Hands in the air, a look of confusion and major terror on their face.... Feel it?

Cure for the wobbles? Don't contribute to it by leaning on Yin and forgeting that Yang exists. Look for a point of balance by acknowledging that we all exist and hold different needs as well as views. Both Yin and Yang have to not just work together, but be a singular presence so we can see and solve problems before us. Damn if I don't fee a little...... ZEN!