Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Interviews and Why

    Fifteen e-mails in this morning (out of 157), I saw a bit of a trend building. The subject lines all had a variation on "Interviews? You've got to be %#*@ ing kidding me?"

   What I can say to those who want just the links, and a few jumbled thoughts from myself, to remain on the page: This is something I want to do. The normal stuff will stay, I'm just adding to it.

    My page started as my personal creative writing page. To post my thoughts and observations, then to make sure the world didn't end when I did. But a funny thing happened one day... Someone looked in and showed the extremely bad taste to keep coming back. Whoever this was brought along a friend or two. Then someone must have written my blog's address on a massively busy restroom wall, or wrote it on Janet Reid's car bumper, because my traffic went NUTS!

    While my frequent viewers still would rather e-mail me than simply post a comment, I think you have the ability to appreciate something new. It was up to me to figure out what "new" thing would interest both you and me. Therefore, my Einstein-esk brain came up with the only logical answer: INTERVIEWS.

   Who would want to be interviewed by me you say?

   Well I'm not going to tell you since your being a bit of a wiggler. But I will give you a very small sample, because I don't hold grudges.

   This list includes some of those that have returned their answers to my sage, well thought out, insightful, questions... Can you believe no one wanted to answer the Tootsie Pops and Popcorn question? Also, none offered to try my "Be a Winner on the Pizza - Snickers Diet", but there you are...

   Dale Brown, Brian Haig, Bryan Russell, Peter Ginna, Tawna Fenske, Sean Ferrell, Kennedy Foster, Robin Becker, Joan Wolf, Amy Minato... Wo! There.. that's all you get for now. It's almost half the list, so don't snivel. You want a few surprises, don't you? OK, one more and only because I wanted to compete with CinaMax on Friday night - Alta Hensley (read this one with someone you want to love...Allot... right after reading it)

  Now, back to this business no one would want to talk to me... All I had to do is offer $1.83 in unmarked bills and swear to stay off their lawns... At night... Oh, and to stop singing "Cat Scratch Fever" when they answer the phone.

  The people I've secured for the interviews have been amazing. My personal thanks to Janet Reid and Suzie Townsend for their help. I'd also like to thank those that couldn't make the interviews now, for their kind words and I hope to have them on the page sometime in 2011.

Anyway, there it is. The Novel Road will also have a new look after the first of the year, as well as tons of guest bloggers. No, Devin Briar will not be a guest. He's a bit full of himself right now.

All the Best!