Monday, November 29, 2010

Week after Week #10

  • The interviews kick-off December 1. Don't miss Brian Haig's interview. Absolutely hysterical!
  • Amazon made a bold move in cutting the price on it's Kindle reader at the last second for Black Friday sales day. Amazon's online purchase system was so overwhelmed by the response, that some customers have no idea if they actually made a purchase.
  • Authors like deadlines... Ha! My inbox is full of "I'll get it to you before the 29th" messages. I've told my guests I can extend the deadline a few days. Is this what a Publisher goes through?
  • Speaking of cool gifts... How about this:
  • You can create amazing things, AND hang it on the wall as art. You may even want to look into exotic   wood air fresheners? This kind of thinking is why women dig me...
  • I am not a fan of the self interview, soooo... A few of my guest authors are going to interview me for the March schedule. It was their idea, and yes I dread what they will ask. Three well known authors are going to combine their wit and , no doubt feral, intellects, on a question list... Just so you know, these men are evil... I'm just sayin'...