Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Week after Week #8

      This Week after Week will be to answer questions that are currently filling my inbox.
  • How did I pick the guests? - The Ouija Board is an amazing thing. Aren't the search engines of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others all based on Ouija technology?
  • Can I ask David Baldacci a question? - Of course you can. Go on, look for "Stalking for Fun and Felony". Buy it, and turn to page 793, the one just after "Restaining Orders Don't Apply to You". The answer to your question is there in very small print.
  • Why are you trying to compete with CineMax? - Have you seen a picture of Alta Hensley? Actually, I'm trying to represent as many genres as I can, and Romantic Erotica, it turns out, isn't an Error Code for Internet Explorer.
  • You have a contest going on Nathan Bransford's blog, the winner gets to ask a question of either Sean Ferrell, author of the critically acclaimed "Numb" or Robin Becker, popular author of "Brains". How about a contest, and the winner gets taken flying with Dale Brown? - Forget the contest, your such a ranty bugger, I just called Dale and he's expecting you. He said something about an experimental "Wing Seat"... Good Times...
  • Did you REALLY ask a question about Lolli-Pops and Popcorn and does the Pizza-Snickers diet REALLY work? - To the first question, the answer is no. To the second question, the answer is that it's a working theory. Weight loss is all in your mind, right?
  • And finally: Did Janet Reid really help you and if so how? The lovely Ms. Reid is acting as the moderator.
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The Great Janet is not my agent
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