Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week after Week #9

  • Tried the Xtranormal - Text to Movie software... Eeeeek! I made Janet Reid sound like the Terminator
  • Number of guests waiting till the last minute to get their interview answers in: 17
  • The debate about e-publishing has to heat up - Speak Up Authors!
  • O'Reilly has an interesting post about building a successful e-book path
  • The Rejectionist has opened to solutions to personal problems. In fact, I dare you to ask this question: "I'm negotiating a contract for the foreign rights to an E-book. Since you are a lawyer/accountant, what are my legal rights and how much money will I make?"
  • One of my favorite humor blogist, Tawna Fenske has a thing for SOCKS, that may be genetic.
  • Want to make a publisher drool? Alan Rinzler says the secret word: Series
  • In Brian Haig's interview next month, he offers a humorous slant on dead authors
  • If anyone is looking for the perfect christmas gift for that man in your life... Or me...
                                                         I'm just sayin'...