Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Launch of Devin Briar - August 14, 2012

"DEVIN BRIAR is hilarious!"  - Norb Vonnegut Author of "The Trust", "The Gods of Greenwich", and "Top Producers"

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    Out of the blue, Devin Briar gets a press relations job offer from a Cabinet Secretary. When he arrives in Washington D.C. his life takes a turn toward the surreal. Promotions at work seem to be driven by innuendo as much as circumstance, and suddenly he's on the radar of the entire Executive Branch of the government. When the largest fraud in U.S. history is uncovered, Devin somehow finds himself at the center of a growing storm.

    What no one knows is Devin has a secret weapon in the form of his multiple-phobia challenged best friend Robin Denton. A Nobel Prize winning Physicist, she uses every tool at her disposal to save Devin from being ground into dust by the world around him. Unknown to Devin, a group of movers 'n shakers in the media and government  have decided he's their guy. They want a new kind of person to convey what's going on in the world; someone with no political ax to grind, and who's so honest it borders on the naive. Devin Briar fits the mold perfectly. Through it all, Devin's aunt - a powerful U.S. Senator - tries to run interference as she seeks out the people who are behind manipulating her trouble prone nephew.

    Humor rules the day in this non - political, Washington D.C based story.  The funny, bizarre friendship between Devin and Robin will crack you up from start to finish. Individually, each of them don't stand much of a chance in their whirlwind worlds. Together, they are a force of nature no one could have envisioned...

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