Monday, September 24, 2012

An Interview with Me? No Frickin' Way! OK, it happened...

Every now and then I do Blog interviews for people I like. I met a nice young lady over a who had recently launched her site. While I'm normally the one interviewing people, it's kind of fun to be on the other side of the questions every now and then. Here are a few excerpts from the interview by Catalina:

You are very diverse. Your blog “The Novel Road” has great interviews and views, and your new novel - Devin Briar is getting fabulous reviews. You have great short stories like Front Office Fiction that have a good following too. What do you as a writer enjoy writing the most?
First, I’d like to thank you for having me as your guest. As a long time, and moderately successful blogger, I see great things in store for your site.
All writing is fun to me. Short stories are a great way to purge my writer’s imagination. Some of the best writing experiences I’ve had writing were on dares. I wrote a Front Office Fiction (The Lighter Side of Seeing “Red”) once when a reader dared me to include “Red” from “The 70s Show” and a line from South Park. I suddenly felt the need to “Kill Kenny” and knew I could somehow fit in the words “dumb ass”... Read the full answer here
You’re quick to respond to comments by your readers. I think that’s important and it creates more of a following. Which social media tools have served you best?
The single most powerful tool anyone using social media has right now is “Tagging”. Get great at tagging your articles or Tweets. Search engines are driven by “tags” now more than ever. Get great at defining words for your articles or books. For instance, tags for my answer to this question could be: wordy, Twitter-hater, blah-blah, and Ding-Dong… Ding-Dong always gets hits! lol... Read the full answer here
Things you’ve written that make you smile? 
   I love to write humor. Yet, in my novel Devin Briar, I found the scenes where Devin and Robin sitting on the couch in their house the best writing moments. There’s something about how the two interact that makes me smile every time I read a segment of my book. They are also the most asked for segments at book readings, which really makes me smile... Read the full answer here