Monday, October 15, 2012

Norb Vonnegut Strikes Again! 146 Pages of Pure Adrenaline

My only question for my friend Norb Vonnegut is "Why do you have to be so damn good at everything?" I still haven't forgiven him for the "Money Porn Beach read" line from his last novel. Actually, I have forgiven him but don't tell . Having the ability to show him The Novel Road now comes up when anyone "researches" beach porn because of my site's high traffic still cracks me up, and makes him feel more than a little guilty. 

 Geesh! Three bestselling financial thrillers later, my East Coast buddy decides it isn't not enough. So he decided to keep tempting us with a short yarn that's available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon as a $1.99 download.
 Here's few excerpts from "The President" :

"If anybody can sell 715,000 units of a product with no redeemable value, it’s a marketing professor from Harvard Business School. In all fairness Keith had started with a formidable asset, the name recognition of Marshall Draper. But give me a break. "Got Excellence" sucked."

"Most of the time, Drayton and I drank Jim Beam on his Boston Whaler. I don’t particularly care for bourbon, but it seemed the right choice as we explored the marshy creeks snaking through his 300-acre estate. There’s nothing like the smell of oyster banks at low tide to make me forget the trading floors, nothing like the stiff-legged egrets and the occasional alligator or two to erase all my thoughts of New York City."

"The morning research call had ended. The floor was buzzing with the sound and fury of 148 idiots in action. And I was thinking, Hat tip to Shakespeare. He understood stockbrokers and the whole business of “signifying nothing” long before we were invented."

So if your looking for a short, 146 page, fast paced read, Norb Vonnegut has what you need. Hell, when this hits the top of the e-book charts, it's quite possible The Novel Road will be the top search site for both "Beach Porn" and "The President"...