Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brian Haig Interview - Excerpt

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Me: I'm a huge fan of your novels. Sean Drummond is an incredible character. After six books with Sean, Alex Konevitch and Jack Wiley appear. How much of a gamble is it to create a new character? Did 'first novel' release nerves appear when you unveiled Alex and Jack?"

Brian Haig: Again, Doug, thanks. That's very kind. Here's the thing. I love to write. And I particularly enjoy books that are funny, or at least witty, so that's the kind I try to write. The Drummond books are first-person. So that's one kind of writing, one kind of perspective, one kind of humor. Drummond is the congenital American wiseass I'd like to believe he's very funny, and thus, his sarcastic asides and insistent manly flaws lend personality to the plot... (See the rest December 1, 2010)