Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Novel Road Interview: Gary Corby Excerpt

Gary is an author that gives us a rocking great story, wrapped in fascinating history. His interview is an excellent read - Dec 13 

Me: I think Nicolaos is an amazing character. You’ve wrapped him well in both time and circumstance. Talk about how you created his personality.

Gary: So many detectives are super-brains. I did the opposite. Poor Nico! His brother is a genius. His boss is a genius. His girlfriend is a genius. He's just this average guy, trying to get along. But he's the one expected to solve the riddles.

My choice was easy, because living in Classical Athens at the same time as Nicolaos were at least 12 world-class geniuses. One more amongst that lot would go unnoticed. But a normal person who has to get along with these brilliant and highly eccentric people...now that's a story. Nico's job is not only to solve crime, but to be our observer during one of the most critical periods in history.